Why do I need Clibu?

You're a Student collecting material for an assignment. You want to add your own notes and images and cross references.
You want to buy a new Car, Camera, Golf Clubs etc. and need to collect reviews to make an informed decision on what to buy.
You're a Dad who restores cars as a hobby and needs all the information you can to help guide you.
You're planning an important holiday and need to gather information on places to stay, sights to see and organize your itinerary.
You're a research assistance with a wealth of information you need to keep in one place, share it and collaborate with colleagues.
You're building a home or renovating and need to collect information on construction, materials, fittings etc. to ensure you get the best possible outcome.
You have a family member who is unwell and you need to research their condition, make notes and share your work with them.

Why should I use Clibu?

Because finding quality information takes precious time and effort, and once found you want to copy and keep it. Bookmarks only go so far, sites and content disappear.
With Clibu you can easily save important content for when you need it. ... Research, Ideas, Auctions Products, Recipes, Pictures, Code, Quotes, History, News, Design, Passages, Statistics, Stories...
Whatever is important to you, wherever it is, safely captured with a couple of clicks.
And finding it again couldn't be easier.

How will Clibu help me?

Capture Information

Create, collect and edit information quicker and easier than ever before.

Find it again

Organize content with Hierarchical Tags and use Full Text Search and Tags Filtering to find it every time.

Real Time Collaboration

Share your content and collaborate with others, with everyone seeing updates as they occur.

Access Anywhere

Access your content from any PC, Tablet, Smartphone using any Operating System anywhere in the World.

No Installation

Clibu's next generation software requires no installation and is always up to date.

Safe and secure

Your information is safe and secure on our Cloud Servers or on your own local PC or Server.

No Data Lockin

Export your data at any time. Clibu uses MongoDB, a robust Open Source NoSQL Database.

Latest Technology

Clibu uses the latest Web technologies, laying a solid foundation for what we're building today and tomorrow.

What makes Clibu better than similar products, like Evernote™ for example?

  • You can work smarter with multiple Knowledge Bases open at once, each in their own Tab.
  • Work on and access different content in a Knowledge Base by having it open in multiple Tabs.
  • You don't have to worry about content being outdated and out of sync as all content on all devices is updated in real time.
  • Categorize content using true hierarchical Tags, with instant rename and the same Tag name in multiple branches.
  • Add pop-up, moveable Notes to articles.
  • Add links to related articles to create a web of information.
  • Share and collaborate on content in real time with control over what other users can do.
  • You get a better user experience with the same User Interface on Desktops & Tablets.

And in the future you will be able to:

  • Run Clibu on your own PC/Server along with its database when data privacy is a must. With optional access, sharing and collaboration from anywhere.
  • Use Clibu offline without an Internet connection and synchronize back to the central server when online again.
  • Publicly or privately share articles with anyone, without them needing to be Clibu users.
  • And much more...

Screen Shots

Clibu Screen Shot

Content in Clibu is easy find and easy to see. Three collapsible panels provide quick access to your list of Knowledge Bases (or Notebooks, not shown here), the Hierarchical Tags Tree and a list of Articles that match the current query. The righmost panel displays the current Article in full and provides full rich text editing capabilities.

Across the top there is a Search button, Tags Filter, New Article button and a User Menu. Tabs are below that, one for each Knowledge Base you have open.

Finally the bar down the left has buttons to show and hide each panel, start the "Quick Tour" and displays Keyboard shortcuts.


Create separate Knowledge Bases for each area of interest. The topmost icon on the iconbar shows & hides the Knowledge Bases panal. And + creates a new one.

Clibu Knowledge Bases Menu

The Knowledge Bases Menu lets you open Knowledge Bases, enables Sharing etc.

Clibu Tags Tree

Hierarchical Tags assist you in categorizing content and finding it again. Tags can be nested to any depth.

Clibu Tags Auto-suggest

Quickly Tag articles using auto-suggest. Tags that are already present have a tick. Select and add multiple tags at once.

Try Clibu

If you are looking for a better way to collect, use, manage and share information then you should sign up now and enjoy all Clibu has to offer.

Go to click on the Signup button at top right, enter your E-mail address and we will send you a Login password, so you can use Clibu straight away.

Oh in case you were wondering, Clibu is completely free.

About Clibu & Us

Clibu is the successor to our Windows Desktop application Surfulater, re-imaged for today's Web.

Why are we developing Clibu? As is often the case with software, it is to scratch our own itch. We spend a significant amount of time searching for information, to help us learn about new and better ways of doing things, to find solutions to problems etc. Once found, we need to keep this information close at hand, so we can quickly refer to it at any time and from anywhere. We also want to be able to embellish it with our own notes, links to related information and tag it so it is well organized. And finally we want to share this knowledge with our colleages and friends. We've been quietly working on Clibu for the past 3 years and are excited to have it released for you to use.

To read more about the development of Clibu and where it is heading do read our Blog. You will also find a lot of information on the development of Surfulater there.

Our Company Soft As It Gets Pty Ltd has been developing and publishing software for over 25 years and has an enviable track record of producing quality software that people love to use.


If you need any assistance at all, or want to suggest new features or enhancements, please do get in touch, we really do want to hear from you. In fact your feedback is critical to Clibu's success.

You can create a Help Ticket, access our Community Forums and search the Clibu Knowledge Base at our Support Center.

And you can E-mail us at